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Ginga Academy


Once there was a legend about the Lost City. It was called by that name because it was separated from the islands of Japan though it was still on their territory. Many beliefs and sayings that if you went there to stay, you’ll have good lucks but you’ll never ever returned to the city you’d come from and if you ever dare to try to go back, you’ll get lost and eventually, die.

But Japanese researchers didn’t believe on the old sayings and beliefs. They want to prove people that the Lost City isn’t dangerous as they think so they went on a journey, looking for the Lost Island. With their efforts and courage, they finally found the Lost City. It was a little island with lots of endangered species living around it’s forest. It’s place is like a fairytail. They decided to break the old sayings and beliefs that the Japanese people believed in to.

They started globalizing the place, making a long bridge for them to get a glimpse of this Lost City. The Lost City was now called, Ginga. They made the very first school and it was called after the City’s new name, Ginga Academy.

(Ginga Academy is a new MFRP being published here on Tumblr. Feel free to join but before you join please take a look on our links especially the one named, “Ginga Academy”. There are still lots of open spaces so feel free to reserve a character now. See the application link on how you can reserve.)

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Yes, I’m sorry, I ship them. OTL >3<

Me telling my sister how I ship Saki and Masaomi.
  • Me: Tell you what, I'm so loving Saki and Masaomi!
  • Sister: Who are they, anyway?
  • Me: *narrows eyes at her* They're from my favorite anime, Durarara!! *smirks*
  • Sister: I don't know them.
  • Me: *screams* I soo lovvee them! You should know them, you know. And watch Durarara!!
  • Sister: *sighs*